Driver Education

Additional Information

Drivers education consists of two parts.

Part 1
Class and book work, covering the curriculum set by the NCDPI and NCDMV, must be completed first and covers 30 hours.

There are two options for this part.
WRESA - - 828.774.5681
MTNPro - - 828.483.4708

Part 2
The driving portion is done with an instructor and at least two students in the car. NCDMV regulations state that each student must drive 6 hours with an instructor for more than two hours a day. Students cannot be schedule to drive until they have filled out the Restricted Instruction Permit (RIP) and submitted it to the MPI main office. 

Info at MTNPro - - 828.483.4708

After completion, the student will receive a certificate than can be taken to the DMV license office to take the permit test.