District Policies

Policies and regulations

BCS' policies and regulations have been posted to our Web site for convenient access.  The Policies and Regulations Manual maintained in the School Board Office remains the official record for this information. To access policies, click on the links below.

District policies support and improve the academic success of students and are informed by citizens, parents, students and district staff. The School Board of Education votes to approve policies, which are brought forward by the district's superintendent.  

For more information or questions regarding policies or regulations, contact Kim Matthews, 828.232.4160, Administrative Assistant.

Series 1000 - Governing Principles

Series 2000 - Board Operations

Series 3000 - Educational Program

Series 4000 - Students

Series 5000 - Community Relations

Series 6000 - Support Services

Series 7000 - Personnel

Series 8000 - Fiscal Management (500)

Series 9000 - Facilities