Administration and Other Staff


Chip Cody ([email protected])

Assistant Principals

Gordon Hale ([email protected]) - 12th grade
Meigan Messer ([email protected]) - 10th grade
Barry Owens ([email protected]) - 9th grade
Bobby Parker ([email protected]) - 11th grade

School Resource Officer

Stephania Morgan ([email protected])

School Nurse

Katie Driscoll ([email protected])

Administrative Assistants

Caitlin Fletcher ([email protected]) - Principal/Head Secretary
Cassie Ellege ([email protected]) - Secretary to Assistant Principals
Jacob Springfield ([email protected]) - Front Desk Receptionist
Vanessa Howe ([email protected]) - Student Services


Annette Stone ([email protected])

Data Manager

Tonja Hall ([email protected])

Head Custodian

Marisa Wines ([email protected])

Cafeteria Manager

Lisa Duckett ([email protected])