Warrior of the Month November + December 2021

Warrior of the Month November + December 2021
Posted on 12/13/2021
Warrior of the Month recognizes two students from each grade level and one member of the staff. 

The first students will be recognized through nominations and voting by fellow students and staff. There are no specific criteria for the reasons behind the nominations.

The second students will be recognized as being exemplars of one our core values (PRIDE). The five finalists are the students in each grade level who received the highest number of PBIS points for that core value in that month. The finalists are then sent to a school-wide vote.

You can read more about PBIS, PBIS Rewards, and previous Warrior of the Month winners on our PBIS Website.

Warrior of the Month
12th grade: Madelinn Romsdahl
11th grade: Samara Johnson
10th grade: Maya Morris
9th grade: Yesenia Gutierrez

Warrior Respect
12th grade: Riley Justice
11th grade: Ariana Nowak
10th grade: Bryson Plemmons
9th grade: Sebastian Cruz-Salazar

Staff: Chip Cody