A-B Tech Courses

Any 11th or 12th grade student with a 2.8 or higher unweighted GPA can take an A-B Tech class. Certain classes are also available with a GPA waiver if their GPA is below a 2.8. The A-B Tech advisor is at Erwin High every Monday from 9-11am. These classes are free but students are responsible for textbook costs. Courses could be either online or face-to-face depending on your high school schedule. You will need to indicate what courses you would like to take on the application (linked below). Please check in with Ms. Wicker or your counselor in Student Services if you are interested in or have questions about A-B Tech classes.

Some A-B Tech courses that students commonly take are:
        PSY 150 - General Psychology
        SOC 210 - Introduction to Sociology
        CJC - Criminal Justice (taught face-to-face on the Erwin Campus)
        MUS 110 - Music Appreciation
        MAT 152 - Statistical Methods 
        ENG 111 - Writing and Inquiry
        HIS 131 / 132 - American History

To apply to take A-B Tech classes, please fill out this online application and come to Student Services:
Erwin High A-B Tech CCP Application

For a more detailed list of A-B Tech classes available to BCS students, please click 

Get more info about the different Pathways by scrolling down and clicking on "College Transfer Pathway" or "Career Technical Pathways" here.

A-B Tech courses carry the same GPA weight as AP courses.

Some courses count toward specific graduation requirements (crosswalk can be seen here).

Please contact Mrs. Wicker (elizabeth.wicker@bcsemail.org) if you have questions.