Research Help

NC Wise Owl - This is the best place to start when conducting research. All sources included in NC Wise Owl are scholarly and credible. Try out some of these once you get there:
-Student Resources in Context (Search your topic to find articles, videos, and more. Citations are provided for you, and you can highlight and take notes on articles. If you sign in with your Google account, you can save things too.)
-Britannica School (Standard online encyclopedia that provides citations and pictures to use for free, as well as the ability to read articles out loud and level the articles to your reading level.)
-Points of View Reference Center (Pro/Con research on controversial issues, perfect for argumentative writing.)

Also check out any of the following:
Library of Congress
BCPL Databases
CIA Library
Google Scholar
Google Cultural Institute
National Geographic
NC Digital Heritage Collection
TED Talks
Teen Health and Wellness
State Library of North Carolina