Guest Registration Information

Do you know if the person you want to take to prom needs to do anything extra before attending prom? Answer the following questions: 

All prom attendants must be in good attendance and behavioral standing to purchase a ticket.
You and your guest must each turn in a signed dress code contract promising to follow the dress code expectations. (Available on the prom bulletin board)
You each must also have a signed check-sheet saying you don't owe time or money to the school. (Available on prom bulletin board)

Is your guest... Yes? 
Are they a junior or senior at Erwin High?  Then no worries! As long as they meet the attendance and behavior requirements, they are welcome to attend! 
Are they a freshman or sophomore at Erwin High?  They are still allowed to attend if they meet the attendance and behavioral requirements, but they must fill out an underclassman guest form with you! 
Are they a student from a different high school?  They will have to fill out a guest approval form and have their principal sign that they meet our requirements. We will also need a copy of a photo ID or birth certificate.
Have they already graduated high school?   If they're under 21, they can fill out a College/Employed guest form. They'll need to submit a copy of their photo ID as well. 
If they are 21 or older, they can not attend prom.
Do they attend homeschool? 
They can fill out a homeschool student guest form. They still must meet the guidelines outlined in the approval form! 

We will check public record to make sure no prom attendants have any inappropriate discretions to keep our prom fun and safe! 

If you have any questions, please see Ms. Moses, Mrs. Austin or Mrs. Frizsell. 

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