Students! Read This First

Take Ownership of Your Virtual Education

YOU may find yourself in the "best class ever" with the "best teacher ever," but then again YOU may not.  It is always easier to blame something or someone else for your difficulties, and that blame may be warranted, or it may not.  Nevertheless, whether a low grade, a poor exam score, or something else undesirable is your fault, someone else's, no one's, or a combination of many things, there is one thing certain: It will be YOU who is stuck with it.  So ask yourself, "How badly do I want to succeed? "Am I willing to do what it takes?"  After all, when everything is said and done, it will be just YOU who has the education...or not.  The consequences, good or bad, will be on YOU regardless of who is to thank or who is to blame.  This does not say to put up with something that is wrong or unfair.  Rather it says that YOU will not gain anything by saying, "It's not my fault so it's okay that I did not achieve what I wanted."  Moreover, this lesson does not stop with education; it is applicable to just about anything YOU do in life.