“Remind”is a program that is designed to help students stay organized and informed as well as parents. The goal is to remind students about upcoming tests, quizzes, homework, projects, tutoring, etc. and due dates. The intention is to help students be more academically successful and turn work in on time. There in turn increasing the student’s confidence and individual abilities. Parents/guardians may also receive texts as well if they so choose.

Please keep in mind…this is not Dr. Tellez’s phone – it is a computer-based system. If a parent/student has an issue or question, you can respond on the system. Additionally, since this is a computer-generated system you have no need to worry about your number. The system does not tell me your number. So, all of your personal information, including your child’s, is kept confidential. The only information that I receive is your name and that you have logged into “Remind 101”.

 “Remind 101” Login Instructions:  

1.) On your phone, text the code for your student’s class to the following number 81010. Each class has a specific code – check with your child to see which class he/she is in to get the correct code.

2.) The system may text you back and say, “Thank you for joining Dr. Tellez’s World History class, please let him know who you are.” At this point, type your name and click send. This will be the last time you or your child will be able to communicate with the system. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns when setting this up.

Class Codes for “Remind 101”

1st Period:   @tellezdr1                                                                     

2nd Period:  @tellezdr2                                 

3rd Period:  @tellezdr3