World History

Mrs. Silver

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Welcome to Clyde A. Erwin High School, home of the Warriors!  Welcome to Mrs. Silver’s World History course for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.  I look forward to a successful year of historical investigations, research and discovery.  I have currently worked as a World History teacher for nine years at Erwin. Each student in my classroom is offered a unique opportunity and environment in which we adhere to a code of ethics which is crucial to their success both in and outside of the classroom.  

The World History course will address six periods in the study of World History, with a key focus of study from the mid-15th century to present.  The course is a survey of each period and will create a foundation of critical thinking that will give you success in other Social Studies courses and other courses throughout your high school education.

This course is divided into six separate units as follows:

Unit 0: Historiography and Introduction to World History

Unit 1: River Valley Civilizations

Unit 2: Medieval to Feudal Civilization

Unit 3: Renaissance and Reformation

Unit 4: Exploration and The Age of Rebellion and Revolution

Unit 5: The Industrial Age; Nationalism, Imperialism, and World Crisis to 1939

Unit 6: World War II, the Cold War, Globalization, and the World Today

My goal for this course is that students become active historians performing their own investigations into the historic material and questioning their findings.  Students leaving my World History course will have worked diligently and have gained the ability to use historical evidence in order to explain the concepts covered in the course.  Students will utilize the online textbook, maps, online materials, and other resources available in order to ensure that every student has the best opportunity to enhance their learning.  


Grading Procedures

Grading will be based upon a point system. Please follow points listed as written below.

  1. Tests - 100 points
  2. Weekly quizzes - 20 points
  3.  Essay - 50 points
  4.  Projects - 50 points
  5.  Homework - 20 points
  6.  Notes - 10 points
  7.  Participation - 5 points
  8. Daily Work - Points Vary

All lessons and assignments will be located/accessed through students individual online CANVAS Course. HOW TO ACCESS: Students will need to log in to their IAM account and click on the CANVAS icon, then select the World History Course.

Grading Scale

A: 90-100        B:  80-89         C:  70-79         D:  60-69         F:  Below 60

Make Up Work for Absences

Students are responsible for their own make-up work. All work is located in students online canvas course. (Accessed through IAM account).

Attendance Policy

Buncombe County Schools COVID-19 Temporary Attendance Procedure for School ReEntry Plan B, Plan B-Beyond or Plan C 

Attendance in a remote instruction environment is designed to keep students engaged, to ensure they are on pace and to offer academic and emotional support. Daily attendance must be taken in PowerSchool on Remote Learning Days. 

1. This temporary attendance procedure is intended to remain in effect during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is intended to revise and supplement Board policies 4400 and 4400-R. To the extent that there is a conflict between this policy and 4400/4400-R, this procedure shall take precedence. 

2. For the purposes of this Temporary Attendance Procedure, “remote attendance” in a class shall be the equivalent of in-person attendance. 

3. A student is considered present for daily attendance during a remote learning day when the following is met: 

Student is present, with camera on and in view, for the duration of the synchronous learning class time via video conferencing software and Student completes a work product (online or offline) for that class as directed by the teacher or
As an alternative to options (above), student fulfills an alternate method of accessing assignments and producing work. This variation must have the approval of the school administrator or designee and should be considered in exceptional circumstances, such as lack of internet connectivity. A student will be marked as “present-off-site” based on evidence of student engagement and if a student has a daily check-in, two-way communication, with the appropriate teacher(s). A teacher who has a face to face interaction, (e.g., virtual meeting or phone interaction, with a student on that current day can mark a student “present-off-site).
For hybrid students in K-8 on their remote week(s), student submits evidence of assignment completion for each day as proof of attendance 

4. Except as set forth herein, the attendance policies of the Buncombe County Schools remain in full force and effect. 

5. Should a student be absent from a remote session, a note or email documenting the reason for the absence must be provided by the parent/guardian to change the absence to excused. Should an email be used as the documentation, a phone number for the parent/guardian must be provided so the email may be verified by the school. 

6. Students who have chosen remote only for the semester will adhere to the attendance procedures as outlined above. 

August 3,  2020


Cheating will not be tolerated.  You will be caught, refer to the student handbook for consequences.

**I am here to serve you! Please, as a parent or student, feel free to talk to me by email, zoom, or by phone (call the main office and ask for extension 2304 between the following times: 7:30-8:00am or 2:00-3:00pm). I want this year to be successful and as smooth as possible for everyone involved! The only time I will not be available to talk is during class periods (9:00 – 2:00). Thank you! **

**Items that would be needed in case we return to school for face to face instruction (these items are on sale now and could be easier to purchase now versus later) **


                        - 3' Binder

- dividers

                        - pack of black or blue pens

                        - pencils

                        - glue stick

                        - loose leaf notebook paper

Optional But Appreciated

                       - hand sanitizer                     - facial tissue

                        - colored pencils