Civics Syllabus

Course Title:  Civics

Grade Level:  10th Grade

Prerequisites: World History

Course Description: 

Civics has been developed as a course that provides a framework for understanding the basic structure of American democracy, practices of American government as established by the United States Constitution, basic concepts of American politics and citizenship. The essential standards of this course are organized under six strands: Inquiry, Behavioral Sciences, Civics and Government, Economics, Geography, and History.  Through the study of Civics, students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible and effective citizens in an interdependent world. (This is a required class for graduation in the state of North Carolina)

Google Classroom: Course materials and work will be posted in the Learning Management System. It will be the students responsibility to keep up with the work in Google Classroom. 

Teaching Resources: Textbooks, workbooks, NCDPI,, Newslea, iCivics, Crash Course, PBS Learning Media , Learn 360, Everfi, CK-12 Foundation, Bill of Rights Institute, CSPAN Lessons, audio recordings, music, primary sources, online resources, and Khan Academy.

Assessments (Formative, Benchmarks, Summative): Unit tests, quizzes, presentations, group projects, daily reviews, writing prompts, investigation and analysis of primary documents, answering essential questions, research, DBQs, scavenger hunts, and Khan Academy.


Unit 1-Colonial Period/ Foundations of Government 13 days

Unit 2-The United States Constitution 11 days

Unit 3-The Three Branches of Government 15 days

Unit 4- State and Local Government 11  days

Unit 5-Political Parties/ Elections 10  days

Unit 6-Citizenship/Immigration 10 days

Unit 7-Criminal Justice/Supreme Court Cases 10 days

Unit 8-Globalization 5 days

Competency: I.1.1-6, CL.B. 1-3, CL.C&G.1-4, CL.E.1, CL.G.1, and CL.H.1-6


  • Strive for Academic Excellence
  • Show Respect for Others and Yourself
  • Exhibit Appropriate Behavior
  • Use Time Wisely
  • Bring Proper Materials/Supplies to Class
  • Be On Time
  • Complete All Assignments

Grading: Quarter grades are based on the point system

Grading Scale

A – 100-90

B – 89-80

C – 79-70

D – 69-60

F – Below 60

Final Grade Break Down

1st 9 weeks 37.5%

2nd 9 weeks 37.5%

 Final Exam  25%

Make up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to make up all tests and assignments. Each unit’s work is posted in Google classroom. Students can check to see what they have missed and get it turned into me within 3 days. Students can make up work doing Warrior Period.

Tutoring: Students can get extra help during Warrior Period and before and after school by scheduling a time with me.

Teacher Expectations: I expect students to follow all directions and instructions, complete all assignments, and follow all directives and school policies. I firmly believe by following this plan of action my students will be successful in my class. Students are expected to place cell phones in the caddy upon entering the class. Cell phones will be returned at the end of class. 

Materials Needed for Class

  1. Pen/Pencil
  2. Laptop
  3. 3 Ring Binder / Dividers/ Paper

Parent Contact: The best way to reach me is by [email protected]. You can also reach me by phone (school phone number, extension 2307). I will post student grades weekly in power school and parents will be able to view all test grades, missing assignments, late work, and attendance.