Accessing Google Classroom

How to access Google Classroom:  Academics / Teacher Resources
  1. Open your Erwin High School email  Email, Logo, Communications, Brands And Logotypes, gmail, google ...
  2.  In the top right hand corner you will see  nine little dots.  Connect the Dots · Mabuhay Net!
  3.  Click on those nine dots and scroll down to the green chalkboard icon  Green Classroom Ceramic Chalkboard for Institute, Rs 275 /square ...
 that is labeled Classroom.

  4.  Click on the chalkboard icon and it will take you to Google Classroom and  then click on the 
+ located in the top right hand corner.   From the drop  down menu select "Join a Class."
  5.  A new window will open and ask for the class code.  (Your class code is in  your email.  It will be from [email protected]). Simply enter
that class code in the box.  Any problems contact me.  
  6.  You are now enrolled in Google Classroom Academics / Teacher Resources

You Must Join Remind (I will give you codes in Google Classroom)