Interior Design I

This course focuses on a foundation study of the housing and interior industry.  FCCLA activities allow students to apply instructional strategies and workplace readiness skills to an authentic experience.  Computer skills encouraged by using  such programs as, Super Home Suite, and Home Design Architectural Series.  Application of mathematics, science, field trips, job shadowing, and service learning lead to experiences that interior designer use in the field. 

Interior Design

Dream House Presentations

This will be a final project

    The Elements and Principles of Design

     The basics of design.  

    • Elements of Design PowerPoint Presentation
    • Principles of Design PowerPoint Presentation
    • Elements of Design Activity
    • Principles of Design Activity

    The Role of Color

    Want a more in-depth focus on color?  

    • The Role of Color in Design PowerPoint Presentation
    • Color Wheel worksheet
    • Another Color Worksheet

    Creating Design Plans

    True perspective of an interior designer.  

    • Creating a Design Plan PowerPoint Presentation
    • Design Firm Project

    Presentation Boards

    Samples of ways to create presentation boards!!!

    • Presentation Board Project sheet
    • Presentation Board Rubrics
    • Interior Design Scenarios

    Other Activities

    • Student Home Design Project