As we finish this school year students will have three options to choose from per BCS Guidelines to be recorded for their final course grades:

1.      Choose their N3 numeric grade.

2.      Choose an improved grade which is the result of points being added to the N3 grade based on assignment completion, participation, and demonstration of content mastery during virtual learning.

3.      Choose PC19 which will have no effect on the student’s GPA.

Note: A WC19 grade will be given for students that were failing N3 and did not improve their grade during virtual learning.

On May 27th teachers will assign the F1 grade in PowerSchool. This will give students and parents the opportunity to see what the final grade in the class could be and assist in making a grade decision. Teachers can advise students on grade options that may benefit the student directly.

Students need to email their teachers to let them know of their choice of grading option by May 29th