Lesson Plans

1st period Advanced Weights:

Monday- Bench Press and Speed Clean followed by film study session

Tuesday- Squat Front Squats and dead lift followed by band work 
Wednesday- Agility work and speed bench
Thursday- Band work and speed squats
Friday- Gameday preperations
2nd period Female Weight Training 
Students will rotate between 3 stations. Coach Rhoney will have a workout planned in the weightroom Coach Sexton will take each group through agilities and cone drills and I will have a cardio workout designed for each day. Students will spend 20 mins with each teacher.
Monday-- Track run
Tuesday-- Stadium steps and agilities
Wednesday-- Parking lot incline/decline speed work
Thursday-- Field work pyramid run and line
3rd period Advanced PE for female athletes
Mon/Wed-- Band work and cardio/strength circuit in fitness room
Tues/Thurs-- Main weight room for Upper and Lower body work with main focus on bench and squat
We will stretch everyday and do agility work everyday.