Course Overview

1st period:  Advanced  Weight Training
This is an upper level course designed to target male physical ed. students who participate in athletics at EHS.  Each student is set up in a sport specific weight training and fitness workout plan based on their individual strength level.  We do four core body lifts: Bench, Incline Bench, Squat, and Power Clean.  We have the students max and their workout is based on certain percentages of that max.  They will max again after an eight week cycle to see how their strength level has progressed.
3rd period:  Weight Lifting
This is a co-ed class made up of mostly upper classmen.  Students will participate in a moderate exercise and weightlifting program.  Students will max on two core lifts: Bench and Squat.  They will workout using percentages of their max with these core lifts.  We will max again at the end of each six weeks.  The one rep max will increase if students have put forth the effort throughout the semester.
4th period:  Female Fitness
This is an upper level course for females that are interested in playing athletics at EHS.  These girls will take part in a moderate to vigorous workout routine.  This class is designed to help girls attain a high level of cardiovascular endurance while toning up and defining their physique.