Course Description:

Discrete mathematics is the branch of mathematics dealing with objects that can assume only distinct, separated values.  Other fields of mathematics and the theory of computation, which you may study in post-secondary mathematics courses, will rely on the topics and skills you will learn in this course.  Discrete mathematics is the mathematical language of computer science, and as such, its importance has increased dramatically in recent decades.  Topics of study include:  Matrices, Graph Theory, Probability, Apportionment, Election Theory, Recursion and describing data. 

 Materials Needed:

  1. Binder for handouts and work. 
  2. Notebook and paper for note-taking and problem solving. 
  3. A graphing calculator will be provided to each student as required to complete class work, but it cannot be taken home. A scientific calculator is recommended as an optional calculator for home use. 
  4. A pen and/or sharpened pencil(s) for notes and in class assignments. 
  5. Student laptop- We will be using Canvas on a regular basis for notes, quizzes, and tests. Therefore, it is imperative that students have their laptops and chargers at all times.


  • A typical assignment will involve completing a worksheet or solving a series of problems.
  • All work should be done on notebook paper.
  • Show all work when solving problems.
  • All problems, handouts, quizzes, and warm-ups are to be placed in your notebook.
  • Be sure to put your name, date and assignment on all class work before you start working on an assignment.
  • You must make up all work missed during an absence. Unless special arrangements have been made, a zero will be given for missing grades.


Testing and Grading:

Your 9 Weeks Grade will be assigned according to the following scale: 

            90-100             Superior                             60-69            Inferior work, but passing

            80-89               Above average                 Below 60      Failure, no credit    

            70-79               Average                                                                    

 The FINAL COURSE GRADE will be determined by percentage point values.

First Nine Weeks- 37.5%       Second Nine Weeks- 37.5%               Final Exam- 25%


Grades will be calculated from the following:


After each major unit there will be a comprehensive test covering the material for that unit.  To retake a test, you will have to correct the original test (on your own time) then retake the test in my classroom.   Tests will count for 80% of your 9 weeks grade.


Occasionally classwork assignments will be given and checked for completeness.


Quizzes will be given periodically to check for understanding of reading assignments and major concepts covered in this course.  Quizzes will not necessarily be announced. 


Frequently homework assignments will be given, collected, and checked for completeness or correctness (no warning which or when).

Classwork, Quizzes, and Homework will count for 20% of your 9 weeks grade.


Absences / Make-up work:

  • It is imperative that students attend class every day unless legally excused.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to arrange with the teacher any work which must be made up due to an absence.
  • Any student who is aware of an upcoming absence (due to school activity or planned trip) should see the teacher before missing school to receive any assignment(s).
  • Absolutely no work will be accepted late for full credit except in the case of an excused absence.


Class Rules:

1.  Follow Directions

2.  Be Prompt — Be in class on time.  Hand in all assignments when they are due.     

3.  Be Prepared — Bring all necessary materials with you to class. 

4.  Be Polite — Respect your teacher, classmates, school, and yourself.

5.  Be Productive — When you are in Discrete Mathematics, you should be working towards a better understanding of Discrete Mathematics.  Stay on task!  This includes doing your own work.



1.  Warning

2.  After class conference — Students will stay after 1-3 minutes to discuss class rules and to plan personalized strategies for following the rules in the future.

3.  Parent contact

4.  Office referral


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