Interpreting Grades

If you log on to Powerschool, it may look a little crazy. We are going with the 10 point scale with your learning targets. This is a break down of what each number means when you receive it:
10 --> You knock it out of the park first attempt
8 --> You have enough knowledge of what you're doing, but you could improve a little!
6 --> You're getting there but need some extra support
4 --> You attempted but not to your full ability
0 --> No attempt made  

Anything labeled "Module __ C#" is from a test of your knowledge of the concept (the description is visible when you click on the assignment).
Anything labeled "Notebook" is a notebook check for student participation and vocabulary.
Anything labeled "Homework" is a weekly homework assignment, assigned Monday and collected Friday. 

Our department believes in growth mindset, so if a student has a grade they aren't happy with, it's because they don't understand a concept yet. We are here for you to learn and make corrections until you really learn an idea! 

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]