Helpful Links

Please use these resources if you are stuck on a concept and want to see/hear it explained differently, or if you want to learn extra material! 

Khan Academy

This site is awesome. It has places where you can watch videos on concepts you don't quite get, practice problems so you can figure it out as you go, and a way to link up with me as your teacher so I can see what you're working on! See me for more info on that. Also if you go to your IAM "tiles" page, you have an account for Khan Academy so it will save your practice and progress! 

Westerville South High

This youtube website takes ideas like factoring, solving quadratics, and exponents and puts them to popular hip hop songs. Their teachers have got some crazy rhythm! 

West Texas A&M Math Lab

This website has awesome walkthroughs on concepts that are covered in our class. It has practice problems and easy to understand explanations that would benefit you if you are struggling understanding concepts during class. 

Flipped Math

This website has a TON of videos to help you understand concepts. The teacher that created this website has students actually learn the content through this website instead of taking notes in class, so they should be pretty comprehensive!