Essentials of College Math

Tutoring Times

Hello and welcome to Essentials of College Math! I look forward to an exciting year full of all sorts of Mathematics, projects, games, fun and a successful class.

For that to happen, I need you to remember these three things: 

  • You are accountable for your actions
  • You are responsible for what does and does not happen to you (i.e. being successful, passing this class, placing out of the ABTech Math courses by doing great on the NCDAP exam)
  • You are in control of your success in this classroom.

I want to make sure you understand your success lies in your hands. I promise I will teach you what you need to know, and will help you along the way, but you are the one that will be making decisions in my classroom which will affect your success.

That being said, I really think you all seem like a great group of students who are willing to work hard and learn a lot!

I will be using this site to update tutoring times, address any class concerns I can, and give you a space to leave feedback.

Another thing I would like to take time to talk about is how your grade is calculated.

Your semester will still be broken up by Units (groups of Learning Targets), but your grade will come from classwork, quiz/test grades, and keeping up with your class notebook.

The State Board policy states here that your NC Final Exam counts for 25% of your Final Grade, which will be averaged with your grade in the class. 

37.5% of your final exam comes from the first 9 weeks, 37.5% comes from the second 9 weeks, and 25% comes from your final exam.