Moffett, Bethany - EC

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Bethany Moffett
EC Teacher
English Inclusion/ OCS English

My name is Bethany Moffett. I am an Exceptional Children (EC) teacher at Erwin. I moved from Pennsylvania to Asheville in 2015 and I am loving living in the mountains! Here at Erwin, I teach OCS English ( I, II, III, IV), I also teach Academic Support. Below you will find my schedule for the Spring Semester:

Block 1: OCS English I (2214)
Block 2: Planning
Block 3:Academic Support (2214)
Block 4:  OCS English III (2214)
Below you will find the link for lessons plans for my OCS English I/III and Academic Support Lesson Plans!

Block 1, 3 and 4;  Lesson Plans

Thank you for coming to web  page! If you have any questions or concerns please call the school 232-4251 or email me

When school is not in session, please refer to this, where you can find my google classroom and all of the work that is assigned. My office hours will be 9 am to  1 pm Monday through Friday. Please feel free to email me, and or Google Hangout. Everyone stay healthy and safe!

1st Period: English I OCS Google Classroom
3rd Period: Academic Support Google Classroom
4th Period: English III OCS Google Classroom