Course Overview

English IV is a study of British and European literature, grammar, and composition, with emphasis on increasingly effective listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Satisfactory completion of the Buncombe County Graduation Project is a requirement for the class. The Senior Project consists of the following four components: a research paper, a product, a portfolio, and a presentation. Each component counts 25% of the Graduation Project grade, and the entire project counts 25% of the English IV grade.

The Advanced Placement: Literature and Composition course is a college-level class.  The objectives and expectations in the course are of the highest caliber. This is a year-long class, which culminates with the completion of the Buncombe County Senior Project and the AP Literature and Composition Exam in the spring. Literature for the course will consist of fiction from novels and short stories, poetry, and drama. Heavy emphasis will be given to literary analysis – less means more, when it comes to the selections. The writing component will consist of the Buncombe County Graduation Project Research Paper, formal process papers, and informal essays and journal responses, and timed AP activities.