AP Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Thank you for visiting the Advanced Placement Psychology website.  I am so glad you decided to take on this challenging study of the human mind.  One of my favorite sayings regarding Psychology is that it is ubiquitous.  There is no escaping the fact that what you sense in the world is impacted by your own mind.  All that you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste are impacted by the way your mind perceives these events.  

This course is considered a college level course, which means that expectations for student work are on a college level.  I would like this course to be discussion based, to use the time in the classroom for questions and discussion, rather than lecture.  The classroom will not be the place to be spoonfed the information, instead, students should have read and reviewed the material PRIOR to the day that we are discussing the chapter or subject in class.  My goal is not to lecture and do powerpoints with the class, but instead, to dive deeper into topics from chapters that interest the students, this is only possible if students are capable of reading and studying the information prior to coming to class.  

We will also engage in a number of simulations and research projects as part of the Advanced Placement coursework.  From creating a model neuron to evaluating how statistics can be used to manipulate data, the possibilities of this course are endless.  I really look forward to exploring the complex and intriguing human mind with you!