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American History I Syllabus

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Teacher: Dylan Jones

Classroom location: 3305

E-mail address: [email protected]

Welcome to American History I! In this course, we will examine the Founding Principles of United State. Will begin with the European exploration of the new world through Reconstruction. Students will examine the historical and intellectual origins of the United States from European exploration and colonial settlement to the Revolutionary and Constitutional eras. Students will learn about the important political and economic factors that contributed to the development of colonial America and the outbreak of the American Revolution as well as the consequences of the Revolution, including the writing and key ideas of the U.S. Constitution. American History I: The Founding Principles will guide students as they study the establishment of political parties, America’s westward expansion, the growth of sectional conflict, how that sectional conflict led to the Civil War, and the consequences of the Civil War, including Reconstruction.


Textbook: The Americans, Holt McDougal, 2012. We will also use an electronic version of the text that can be accessed at

We will be covering:

Unit 1: Native American and Colonial Beginnings (12 days)

Unit 2: Revolutionary Era (8 days)

Unit 3: Foundations of Government (7days)

Unit 4: The New Republic (18 days)

Unit 5: Reform and Expansion (16 days)

Unit 6: Civil War (13 days)

Unit 7: Reconstruction and Aftermath (8 days)

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

  • Be ON TIME and PREPARED every day for class

  • Attend to all personal needs before class begins (this includes using the restroom!)

  • Follow the instructions the first time they are given

  • Remain seated during instructional time

  • Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

  • ALWAYS be polite in language and actions

Be where your feet are. Whatever you are doing be totally in that moment. This applies to all parts of life. I only have each one of you for one period a day. During that time I ask that you be totally engaged in class. Let all outside distractions go.

Respect. You will respect your classmates, your education, your teacher, your school, and yourself. This includes (but not limited to) being attentive when I’m talking, keeping your eyes on your own paper during tests/quizzes, throwing your trash away, leaving your desk the way you found it. Any actions that are disrespectful will be followed by appropriate consequences. I to will follow all the rules I set before you all.


Attendance will be taken every day. I encourage you to come every day so you do not miss information. This will be a very hands on course. The information in this course will build upon knowledge from the previous day and will continue to do so until the end of the semester.


I crack down on tardiness. The door will be shut and locked right as the bell rings. If you come to the door after the door is shut you will be marked tardy. I will only excuse being tardy with a teacher's note.

Late work:

With my permission, students may turn in classwork late up to one week late.  Honors students will receive a 20% deduction in grade for work turned in late not due to absence.  If a student needs to make up a test, he or she must arrange to do so within a week of his/her return to school.  

Cell Phones:

Cell Phones are expected to be put on silent and be put away during class. There will be times where certain activities may be enhanced with the use of your cell phone. If you take advantage of this opportunity, this privilege will be taken away.


Quizzes will be given after each section. It will be used to gauge your progress, they will also be used to study for your tests. Quizzes are to show what you know, not what your friends know. Cheating is not tolerated.


Test will be given after each unit. Is it expected for you to study prior to test day. As stated above, cheating is not tolerated and your test should reflect your own learning.

Grade Scale

We will be following a 10 point grade scale.

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Classroom Calendar

*All PowerPoints and assignments will be available on Google Classroom on the day the assignment is given.