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Important dates/notes: 2019/2020 school year
***NO CELL PHONES WILL BE ALLOWED out IN MY CLASSROOM! (no exceptions) Health Science-1 & HTR x1 (3-Ring Binder) & x(8) clear paper protectors to be used in the binder Index cards (300 total) can be found @ dollar store **Will need very SOON!! (BY 2ND DAY OF CLASS!!) color pencils/regular pencils as well as black ink pens! highlighters come in handy x1 empty, glass baby food jar needed (4oz and up) & empty tissue box ***Clorox wipes, boxes of non-latex gloves, empty tissue boxes, empty glass baby food jars, & any craft items wished to be donated such as yarn, balloons, beads, glitter,& markers etc.. are always welcome to be used for hands-on activities & labs.
Nursing Fundamentals supplies needed:NO CELL PHONES 3 Ring Binder/ x8 clear paper protectors Black ink only pen & pencils wrist watch with 2nd hand uniforms x2 (will select end of Aug.)Approx: $85.00-95.00 lace up tennis shoe or nursing shoe (clogs not accepted) unless there is a heel strap small pocket note pad, personal stethoscope (optional) valid, non expired state issued ID/NCDL & non laminated Social Security card  required immunization records & proof of auto insurance/proof of daily transportation **TB test is only valid x1 year valid, non expired adult/child CPR certification required.  States test cost is 120.00 due mid November
Health Team Relations-supplies will include x2 poster boards to be used throughout the semester, black ink,pack of 100 index cards and 3-ring binder for notes.

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