Weekly Lesson Plans

Date: Spring, 2018

Parenting & Child Dev.

Food & Nutrition

Mon. 1/29

Assigned seating


Course syllabus

Airplane icebreaker (only listing 3 points to share – will share during next class)

About Me PPT


Assigned seating


Course syllabus

Airplane icebreaker (only listing 3 points to share – will share during next class)

About Me PPT


Tues. 1/30

No School

No School

Wed. 1/31


  1. Vocabulary Word Search

Airplane Icebreaker (fly and share points)


  1. Vocabulary Word Search

Airplane Icebreaker (fly and share points)

Thurs. 2/1

  1. Assignment Distribution (Vocab quiz next Fri.)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs/Children’s Needs PPT

Maslow’s Hierarchy Group Project


  1. Assignment Distribution (Vocab quiz next Fri.)

PPT: Influences on Food Choices (with graphic organizer)

Why Do I Eat/ Influences on food

Looks good enough to eat?

Behind the scenes video clips of food stylist and media influence on food choices

Kahoot Review

Test on 1.00 Tues.

Fri. 2/2

Complete Maslow’s Hierarchy Group Project

Review Vocab

Healthy Before Pregnancy: Goal Setting

Review Pretest Results

Review internal and external influences on food choices

Complete Why Do I Eat & Influences w.s.

My Plate PPT with graphic organizer

Test on 1.00 Tues.

Mon. 2/5


Journal Entry: Pros & Challenges of Parenting

PPT: Family Types, Stages, & Variations of the Family Life Cycle (with guided notes chart on family types)

Directions & Rubric for Mobile Families Project

Time to brainstorm method of project presentation


MyPlate Scavenger Hunt

Study Guide

Tues. 2/6

Review vocab (quiz Fri.)

Journal: Family Types & Structure

Mobile Families Project


  1. Test Review

1.0 Test

Vocab Wordsearch

Test Analysis


What are you REALLY eating activity? (as time allows)

Wed. 2/7

(Early Release Schedule)

Vocab Bingo

Mobile Families Project

Bell Ringer: What is a foodborne illness?

2.01, 2.02, & 2.06 Assignment Distribution

PPT: Foodborne Illness (with guided notes)

Keep or Toss Game

Food & Drug Admin. Testimonials: Bernadette/Kate Phil & Shelly Ploghoft

Thurs. 2/8

Effects on Mother & Baby PPT (with graphic organizer)


Mobile Families Project: Complete & Display


Exit Ticket: Opinions About Family Structures



Vocab (quiz tomorrow)


Review of foodborne illnesses (white boards)


Kitchen Hazards Activity


Speed Cooking: what NOT to do


PPT: Pathway to Kitchen Safety (with graphic organizer)


What are you REALLY Eating? Activity


Kitchen Safety Test will be tomorrow (will test on remaining 2.01, 2.02, & 2.06 material next week)

Fri. 2/9

Vocab Quiz


Challenges of Parenting text sheet


The Importance of Fathers


Study for 1.00 Test

Vocab Quiz


Sanitation in the Kitchen


Safety & Sanitation Key Term definitions from text


Complete Kitchen Safety Test


Mon. 2/12

(Homeroom Schedule)

Vocab (List 2- quiz Fri.)


Journal: What are the potential dangers of sex before marriage?/Discussion


1.02 PPT: Teen Sexuality/Index card activity/STDs with facts/myths of STDs white board activity


Family Planning (minus E.C.) (12:00)

Vocab quiz


Kitchen Safety Test (review)


Kitchen Cleaning & Organization Lab


Foodborne Illness Fakebook Page(s)

Tues. 2/13



Vocab List #2 Quiz


Kahoot Review: STDs (with teacher notes/explanations/Kahoot)


STD PSA Project: Instructions, information; paper draft






Demonstration of proper measuring techniques


Lab: Chocolate Covered Strawberries / Prepare cake mix for tomorrow’s lab

Wed. 2/14



STD PSA Project




Lab: Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies (prepare filling and assemble cookies)



Thurs. 2/15

(Homeroom Schedule)

STD PSA Project


Those who complete project early may study for upcoming vocab quiz and test or complete STD vocabulary word search




Safety & Sanitation Projects





Fri. 2/16

Vocab (list #3)


STD PSA Project completion


Those who complete project early may study for upcoming vocab quiz and test or complete STD vocabulary word search


Vocab Quiz


Complete Safety & sanitation projects




Mon. 2/19

(Homeroom Schedule)

Vocab List # 3 (quiz Fri.)


Ideal Person to Date




Abuse Scenarios/Possible Skits/Discussion


Red Flags



Vocab (quiz Fri.)


Value of Work plans


Dear Katie, I need help!


Chapter 27 Text Sheet


Safety & Sanitation Project Presentations (as time allows)


Reminder: 2.01, 2.02, & 2.06 Test Wednesday!


Tues. 2/20

Vocab (list #3)


Dating Violence Pt. I & II &


Journal Entry: Dating Violence


1.00 Test Review (2 Kahoots)



2.01, 2.02, & 2.06 Test Review (Kitchen safety, food sanitation, and teamwork/collaboration)


Safety & Sanitation Project Presentations (volunteers)


Wed. 2/21

(Homeroom Schedule)

Vocab (quiz Fri. on list #3)


Vocab Bingo


STD PSA presentations and evaluations


1.00 Test Review (1 Kahoot)




2.01, 2.02, & 2.06 Test (Assignments are due – take a picture of vocab terms to study for Friday’s quiz)


Vocab Word search:

Convenience Foods


Test analysis



Thurs. 2/22


  1. Test (Assignments are due)


2.00 Vocab Word Search


Test Analysis


Corrections (due Tues.)

Lab: Red Lobster Garlic and Cheese Biscuits

Fri. 2/23


Vocab quiz on List #3


Check Power School for missing assignments


Time to work on test corrections


Infant Simulators: Organization & Set up







Check Power School


Complete incomplete assignments

Mon. 2/26

Infant Care Topics assignments (may complete with credible online sources or teacher- provided information)

-Car Seat Safety


-Shaken Baby Syndrome



Vocab: Cutting terms (quiz Thursday)


Use the Food for Today book to complete the following assignments:

-Recipes Ch. 22 & Ch. 24 text sheet

-Read the Label w.s.

Tues. 2/27

No vocab this week

FASD Video

Turn in test corrections


Vocab Quiz on last week’s safety & sanitation terms will be Thurs.


2.03, 2.03, & 2.05 Assignment Distribution


Clean tables, wash hands, obtain 3 pieces of equipment from demo table to identify name and use


PPT: Mnemonic Graphic Organizer


Kitchen Equipment Review


Quiz: Kitchen Equipment (Scantron)


Toppings for this week & next week’s labs

Wed. 2/28

Draw names for infant simulator project dates


Real Care Baby & Alternate Assignment Distribution


Familiarize yourself with Real Care Baby/Alternate assignments while Mrs. I schedules care dates


View Real Care Baby video, and complete quiz


The Period of Purple Crying (Shaken Baby Syndrome)




Gallon Man

Thurs. 3/1

2.01 & 2.02 Assignment Distribution


PPT: Types of Childcare: Advantages & Disadvantages (with graphic organizer)


Video Clip: Montessori Classroom



Selecting Childcare Matching/Choosing Child Care Providers/Recognizing Child Care Options


Journal Entry: Childcare Options


Infant Simulator Programming (1st period only)


Review answers to Choosing Child Care Providers/Recognizing Child Care Options (as time allows)


Vocab Quiz: Cutting terms


Complete Gallon Man


Kitchen Organization


Lab instructions for tomorrow


Fri. 3/2

Journal Entry: Safety/Accident


Share responses in groups then volunteers to share with class


2.02 PPT: Safety At & Away from Home (with graphic organizer) / Discuss TV Viewing & Monitoring


Brief directions for next week’s Safety Pop-up Book project/time to brainstorm topics


Lab: Potato Packets (come early)


Mon. 3/5

Safe Sleep for Infants Presentation by Chrissy Wolfe


Reality Works Participant Discussion (as time allows)


Vocab: Cutting terms (Quiz Fri.)


Handwashing presentation (black light) by Chrissy Wolfe


Kitchen linens: fold & organize

Tues. 3/6



Vocab (quiz Fri.)


Share journal responses in groups then volunteers to share with class


2.02 PPT: Safety At & Away from Home (with graphic organizer) - Will discuss TV Viewing & Monitoring tomorrow


Safety Pop-Up Book Project:

Directions, Examples, Rubric, time to brainstorm story lines and pictures






Cutting, Preparation, & Mixing additional terms PPT & w.s.


Relay with cooking, cutting, preparation, mixing terms (as time allows)




Wed. 3/7

Journal Entry: Potential Hazards


TV Viewing & Monitoring: Age-appropriateness/advantages/



Safety Pop-Up Book Project: Type story, save, and share with group partner (Google docs)


Construct book pages and prepare drawings/pictures while waiting on teacher to approve story


Vocab Quiz


Cooking terms matching to form groups

Kitchen Math Video Clips


Kitchen Math PPT with group competition


Reveal winners


Kahoot review

Thurs. 3/8

Vocab Quiz


Safety Pop-up book project


Lab: Tortilla Pizzas & Peanut butter Cookies

Fri. 3/9


Complete Safety Pop-up books


Real care baby simulator preparation


PPT: Parts of a Recipe


Mon. 3/12

(No School- Snow Day)





Tues. 3/13

Vocab: List 2 (quiz Fri.)


COMPLETE Safety ‘Pop-up’ books


Reminder: 2.01/2.02 Test Thursday

Vocab (no vocab this week)


PPT: “Build the Convenience Sandwich” (with graphic organizer)


Equipment Relay (alternate between pictures and writing correct terms on dry-erase boards)


Directions for tomorrow’s lab



Wed. 3/14

(Snow Day)



Thurs. 3/15



Presentations and evaluations


Key Terms Assessment w.s. (write the correct terms in the crossword puzzle AND by the corresponding definitions)


Vocab Quizlet: Search “Parenting 2.02 terms – as time allows)

Lab: 1-2-3 Fruit Cobbler ala mode

Fri. 3/15

Vocab Quiz on list #2: Safety First


2.01 & 2.02 Test Review: Games (1 & 2 of 4)


Reveal winners of Safety ‘Pop-up’ book assignment/competition.


Complete terms crossword (if incomplete)


Infant simulator programming


Reminder: Test Tuesday


Nutrition Labels


“Read the Label”


Lab: Shamrock Shakes!



Mon. 3/19

Vocab (Quiz Fri.)


2.01 & 2.02 Test Review: Games 3 & 4 of 4 (Kahoot)




Adjusting Recipes w.s.


Nutrition Facts Panels Math


Reminder: Test Wednesday

Tues. 3/20


Turn in 2.01 & 2.02 Assignments


2.01 & 2.02 Test


2.03 Vocab word search


Test analysis


Corrections (due Tues.)



Test Review games (test tomorrow)


Kitchen Equipment Clipart


Study your study guide in preparation for Friday’s test. Highlight the points that you need to study the most.


Wed. 3/21

Vocab (quiz next Friday)


2.03 Assignment Distribution


Vocab (Quiz Fri.)


Career Fan: Directions, rubric, and time to work (choose 1 career per category)


-Entry Level






If possible, bring in a baby pic of you for an upcoming activity that we will do in a couple of weeks.


Turn in 2.03, 2.04, & 2.05 Assignments


2.03, 2.04, & 2.05 Test


3.00 Vocab word search


Test analysis


Test Corrections

Thurs. 3/22



Complete Career Fan






Lab: Pretzels


Fri. 3/23

Use text to complete study guide w.s.


Complete any incomplete work regarding Career Fan


Read “What Employers are Looking for”/Discussion


Study your study guide in preparation for Monday’s test


Reminder: Baby pic


3.00 Assignment Distribution




Mon. 3/26

Vocab – 2.03 quiz Fri.


Use text to complete study guide w.s.




3.00 Vocab Word Search


Test Analysis


Corrections (due Thurs.)



Tues. 3/27

2.03 Test Review



Eggs PPT


Egg Dissection


Eggs Quiz (as a review)


Egg-Citing Online Scavenger Hunt



Wed. 3/28

2.03 Assignments are due


2.03 Test


2.04 Vocab Word Search


Test Analysis



Egg Cookery – poached, shirred, scrambled, fried


Breakfast Lab








Thurs. 3/29

(“High Flying Dunk Show” Schedule)

Vocab (will quiz Friday after return from Spring Break)


3.00 Assignment Distribution


Journal: The King and the Scratched Diamond


3.01 PPT: Hereditary Effects Game & PPT (index cards labeled 1 to 5, answer, trade, move to corners of room). After Spring Break, we will discuss birth defects resulting from a combination of environmental & heredity


Reminder: Baby Pic


Complete Eggs Assignment from Tuesday


The Egg Files 21:02 (as time allows)




Fri. 3/30

(Early Release & Pep Rally)

Vocab (quiz after Spring Break)


3.01 PPT: Birth Defects (Environmental)


Journal: FAS


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (as time allows)


3.00 Dairy PPT / Brainstorm cheese varieties





Fri. 3/30 – Sun. 4/8

No School (Spring Break)




Mon. 4/9

Vocab (Quiz Fri.)


PPT: Combination of Genetic AND Hereditary Influences on Prenatal Development


Egg & Alcohol Simulation



Down Syndrome documentary – Grace (46:23) (Alternate Assignment: List and define key terms from pages 21, 27, & 35. Write questions and answer for p.44 #1-10

Vocab: Dairy Terms (quiz Fri.)


“Isn’t this Egg-Citing?” and Milk & Dairy Foods Pretest (together)


Egg and Dairy Comparison PPT


Dairy Foods Reading Guide


Egg & Dairy Review: Kahoot (2)


Discuss ingredients for Tues./Wed. Egg/Dairy Lab



Tues. 4/10



Complete Down Syndrome documentary - Grace


Problems in Prenatal Dev. & Avoiding Dangers to Baby w.s.



Lab: Mini Quiche


Vocabulary.com (as time allows)


Wed. 4/11



Complete Problems in Prenatal Dev. & Avoiding Dangers to Baby w.s.


3.01 Test Review (2 Kahoot games – Bingo also an option)



Vocab (Quiz tomorrow)


Brainstorm fruits (in groups)


Fruits & Vegetables PPT with Guided Notes


Add to group fruit list


Fruit preparation video clip




Fruit/Dairy Lab: Cream Cheese Dip with Fruit


Fruit Scrambler



Thurs. 4/12



3.01 Test


Vocab Word Search/Prenatal Adult Coloring Sheet


Test Analysis


Mental test corrections (will do written corrections tomorrow after Simon Birch)


3.01 Complete Simon Birch (30:00)


Simon Birch Writing Prompts/Discussion to follow (tomorrow)

Grains PPT with Listening Guide (Alternate:

p. 460 “Check Your Knowledge”



Lab: Horchata




Fri. 4/13

(Report Cards)

Vocab Quiz


Complete Simon Birch (84:00)


Writing Prompts/Discussion


3.01 Test Corrections (Redistribute tests – corrections will be due next week on Wed.)


Vocab Quiz


Lab: Creative Ways for Preparing Rice

-Rice (Alton Brown: Milk Made or Grains while rice is cooking)


-Kefir Sampling

Mon. 4/16

3.01 Vocab Quiz


Simon Birch Reflection Questions/Discussion

(1st: Complete Simon Birch (complete last 10 min.))


3.01 Test Corrections





Legumes (lecture notes) – some nuts are not considered legumes (peanuts are!)


In groups & without using cell phones/laptops, list as many different types of legumes as you can (There are over 40,000 varieties in the world gene bank) – exclude coffee beans, vanilla beans, jelly beans J, etc.


Legumes PPT


9 Preparation Steps for Dried Legumes/Bean Label Comparison


Good Eats: Cool Beans (20:33) with guided notes








Tues. 4/17


3.02/3.03 Assignment Distribution


3.02 PPT (with graphic organizer)


Prenatal Clips: babycenter.com






Legume Art


Legumes Lab: Ranch Bean Dip with tortilla chips & salsa


Pantry Raid 6: Lentils (if time allows)



Wed. 4/18

Vocab (quiz Fri. on 3.02 terms)


Prenatal Development Movement Activity


6 of each of the following:


  1. Bead (zygote)
  2. Lime (& trashcan)
  3. Apple (& trashcan)
  4. Bananas
  5. Small bag of rice
  6. Large bag of rice
  7. Fall Squash
  8. Cantaloup
  9. Watermelon
  10. Infant Simulator


Empathy Belly & Prenatal Models as students complete movement activity


Healthy Snack for Mom (fruit from movement activity)


Name the Month Activity (in groups)


Begin “The Developing Baby” assignments (if time allows)

Quickbreads PPT (with guided notes)


Directions for tomorrow’s quickbreads lab


Review of 3.00 information (Kahoot)


Complete Legume Art (as needed)

Thurs. 4/19

Vocab (Quiz tomorrow)


3.02 PPT: Healthy Pregnancy


Healthy Snack: Kefir Sampling


Complete “The Developing Baby” assignment


Test on 3.00 will be next Fri.

Quickbreads Lab: Muffins

Fri. 4/20

Vocab Quiz


Preparing for Birth Study Guide



Vocab Quiz


Meat, Poultry, Fish & Shellfish Assignment


Complete Fruit Scramble


Mon. 4/23



Review with Prenatal Behavior Activity (as a class)


History of Childbirth (teacher notes)


3.03 PPT (with graphic organizers):

-What is Your Choice of Location?


-What is Your Choice of Personnel?



Live Birth: Epidural


Cervical Dilation Chart


Babycenter.com: Water Birth



Vocab (Quiz Fri.)


Meat, Poultry, & Seafood PPT with guided notes (omit notes since students can use Friday’s assignment in place of notes)


Complete any incomplete work from last Friday’s assignment


Meat Lover’s Paradise - 21:02 (as time allows)





Tues. 4/24

Vocab Quiz


Stages of Birth PPT with Project Graphic Organizer


Birthing Videos: Natural birth at alternate birthing center with midwife, Water birth, Induction, C-Section Twins, etc.


Time to Assemble Project (include a picture to represent each stage)


Vocabulary.com or Vocab Bingo (as time allows)



Prep Lab: Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo


  1. Prepare chicken (cut & saute with seasonings)
  2. Dice tomato and onion
  3. Prep broccoli
  4. Beverage


Check PowerSchool/complete any incomplete assignments

Wed. 4/25

3.02 & 3.03 Test Review (several questions will be from 3.01 as a review) 1 game for 3.02 and 1 game for 3.03


Complete any incomplete 3.02/3.03 Assignments


Reminders: Test tomorrow, Bring Baby Pic no later than next Monday




Lab: Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

Thurs. 4/26

3.02 & 3.03 Test


Review of Midterm Study Guide (midterm will be Friday)


Test Analysis






Miscellaneous 3.00 Info.






Fri. 4/27

March of the Penguins


Vocab Quiz


Lab: No Bake Cookies

Mon. 4/30

Using two sheets of notebook paper- front and back- list notes from your Midterm Study Guide that you can use on your Midterm Wed.

Complete the Quick & Yeast Breads text assignment and Types of Breads vocabulary word search

Tues. 5/1

Complete March of the Penguins


Midterm Test Review Games



Yeast Breads PPT with guided notes


Prep Lab: Soft Rolls (will need one person from each group to come early tomorrow to punch down rolls and form into desired shape)


Wed. 5/2

Midterm Test


Vocab Word Search


Test Analysis





Discussion regarding proofing and yeast as a leavening agent


Class/group demonstration: Yeast-air balloons while dough rises until doubled in size


Lab: Soft Rolls


Thurs. 5/3



4.00 Assignment Distribution


Vocab (quiz next Fri.)


4.01 PPT: Physical Development of the Infant (with graphic organizer)


Complete graphic organizer using textbook 7.2 & 7.3 beginning on p. 225 (3 bullets per section)


“Guess the Baby” game


3.00/4.00 Test


5.00 Vocab Word Search (as time allows)


Test Analysis


Corrections (Due Tues.)


Fri. 5/4


4.02 Text Sheet: Emotional and Social Development of the Infant


List and define any 15 key terms from the 4.00 vocabulary (turn in for credit)


Check PowerSchool for missing assignments



5.00 Assignment Distribution


Serving Food & Mealtime Etiquette assignment (2 pages)


List and define the vocabulary terms from the 5.00 vocabulary guide (turn in for credit)


Check PowerSchool for missing assignments


Mon. 5/7

4.02 PPT: Emotional & Social Development of the Infant (2 from R. Langden – omitting similarities PPT)


Developmental Milestones-Underground Medical (6:00)


Video Compilations of examples of emotional/social development of the infant




5.01 PPT


Review with Kahoot


Holiday Napkin Folding




Tues. 5/8

4.03: Intellectual Development of the Infant – with “How the Brain Works” w.s. & “Sensorimotor Stage” Graphic Organizer


The Brain: It’s all in your mind! (color and construct hat)




Bell Ringer: As a review of yesterday’s information, identify the mistakes in the table setting graphic


5.02 PPT: Table Manners & Mealtime Etiquette


Review with Kahoot


Multicultural Mealtime Etiquette Project Instructions and time to choose country

Wed. 5/9


Vocab (quiz tomorrow)


4.04 PPT: Understand the Challenges of Parenting Infants


4.00 Test Review Games (test Friday)

Vocab (quiz tomorrow)


Lab: Stuffed Shells



Thurs. 5/10

Vocab Quiz


Complete incomplete 4.00 assignments (crossword, emotional/social text sheet, brain hat)


4th Period: select 15 statements from your study guide of which you are least familiar with, and write them on a piece of notebook paper. Turn in for credit.


Study for tomorrow’s 4.00 test




Vocab Quiz


Complete Multicultural Mealtime Etiquette Project (will present Monday)

Fri. 5/11

Turn in 4.00 assignments


4.00 Test


5.00 Vocab Wordsearch


Test Analysis


Corrections (Due Tues.)



5.00 Test


6.00 Vocab Word Search


Test Analysis


Corrections (Due Tues.)









Mon. 5/14

Distribution of 5.00 Assignments


Vocab (quiz Fri.)


5.01 PPTs: Physical Characteristics of a Toddler/ Recommended Care of the Toddler


Group Project: Recommended care of the Toddler





6.01 PPT: Meal Planning Strategies (Scratch cooking, semi-homemade/speed-scratch, finished/convenience)


Preparation Lab for tomorrow’s fried rice lab (rice & onions)


Complete Multicultural Mealtime Etiquette Project




Tues. 5/15



5.02 PPT: Cognitive Characteristics of the Toddler (R. Langden)


Toy Selection & Evaluation


Complete Group Project: Recommended Care of the Toddler










Lab: Japanese Fried Rice


Multicultural Mealtime Etiquette Project Presentations




Wed. 5/16




Thurs. 5/17

5.00 Assignments:


Section Quizzes & Testing Program w.s./crossword



6.00 Assignment Distribution


6.00 Assignments:

-Meal Appeal: It’s a Big Deal (refer to Ch. 16 p. 220 and Ch. 28 p. 391)


-Ch. 17 “Shopping for Food” (refer to pgs. 234-247)


-Types of Stores PPT Graphic Organizer/Where Do I Go? (refer to page numbers listed on sheet)


-6.01 Planning a Household Budget and Food Spending Plan




Fri. 5/18

5.01 Vocab Quiz


Complete 5.00 Assignments


Vocab Quiz


Complete 6.00 Assignments



Mon. 5/21

Vocab: Quiz on 5.02 terms Friday


5.03 Journal Entry: Childhood Misbehavior – share at tables, then volunteers to share most interesting


5.03 PPT: Parenting Styles and Guiding Behaviors of Toddlers


5.00 Test Review – Kahoot (1 of 3) - Test Wed.




Vocab (quiz Thursday)


6.02 PPT: Selecting Store Options and Factors that Affect Meal Planning


6.00 Review (Kahoot)


Plan for Muffin Labs (decide on variations and ingredients)

Tues. 5/22




5.00 Test Review (Kahoot (2 of 3 and 3 of 3)


Complete 4.00 test corrections and/or any incomplete 5.00 assignments





6.01 Lecture Notes (meal patterns, strategies for meal appeal, and planning for special situations)


Preparation Lab: Cinnabon Rolls




Wed. 5/23


Review of section quizzes


5.00 Test (The following items will be completed together as a class: 15, 21, 51-55). Students should be sure that the word “sixth” is crossed out on item #47 and the answer choice for #51 “C” reads “screaming while running down the hall.”


6.00 Vocab Word Search &




Lab: Cinnabon Rolls


Thurs. 5/24



-Choose any 20 of the vocab words from the 6.01 &/or 6.02 vocab lists. On a separate sheet of paper, list and define the 20 terms you chose and turn in to the basket for credit (Mrs. Frisbee, please announce this assignment for anyone who may have been absent Thurs.)


-Intellectual Development and Learning from Four to Six (Cognitive) w.s. – refer to the textbook chapter sections that are listed within the directions.


-Child Abuse & Neglect w.s. – refer to the textbook pages that are listed within the directions


-Responses for Guiding Behavior w.s.


Choose and list 15 points from the 6.00 Study Guide to list on a separate sheet of paper.


Use credible sources of online information and/or your Food for Today textbook to complete the Basic Nutrition Crossword Puzzle (a word bank is provided)


Complete the Journal Entry Prompt on School Lunches (this is located on the reverse of the crossword puzzle). Please follow the directions.


Turn these assignments into the basket for credit.


Fri. 5/25

5.02 Vocab Quiz


Complete assignments from yesterday



6.00 Vocab Quiz


6.00 Test


Vocab word search/complete any missing assignments


Test Analysis


Corrections (due Tues.)

Mon. 5/28 (Early Release)

Vocab (quiz Fri.)


6.01 PPT: Preschool Development (physical, emotional & social)


6.01 Kahoot (1 game)


Complete 5.00 Test Corrections, Check PowerSchool, and participate in 6.01 Quizlet in preparation for Friday’s vocab quiz

Distribution of Final Exam Study Guide


Final Exam Review (Teacher-made exam Friday)









Tues. 5/29


6.02 PPT: Cognitive Development (R. Langden -quickly)


Vygotsky Video with 3 scenarios: teaching beyond child’s capability, teaching below ability, Vygotsky’s video (typo at beginning)


Gardner Activity (1 set per table): In groups, each student initial by words of interest & pass paper to others in group


Discuss results and move to corners of room to demonstrate Gardner results


Review of Test Questions related to 6.02


Final Exam Study Guide Distribution (teacher-made final exam will be during upcoming review sessions: 1st Period: Wed. 6/6; 4th Period: Mon. 6/11)


Lab: Fruit Salsa

Wed. 5/30



6.00 PPTs from R. Langden: Moral Dev. (6.02)

Guiding Behavior (6.03)


Review of responses for Guiding Behavior w.s. (in groups, then discuss)


Parental Guidance:

List specific quotes & actions demonstrating the 3 parenting styles: authoritarian, democratic, & permissive


Alternate: Bowersock or McMillon Family: List positive & negative guidance techniques




Lab: Student Choice



Thurs. 5/31

6.00 Vocab Quiz


6.00 Test Review (list points from study guide)


Complete Parental Guidance


Final Exam Review (list points from study guide)

Fri. 6/1

6.00 Test


Vocab Word Search


Test Analysis




Teacher-Made Final


Test Analysis/Comparison to Pretest Data


Corrections (Due Tues.)

Mon. 6/4

Review and Test Corrections

Review & Test Corrections

Tues. 6/5


Lab: Muffins for Exam Proctors

Wed. 6/6

1st Period Review (Teacher-made final exam)


Thurs. 6/7


1st Period Exam

2nd Period Review


Fri. 6/8


2nd Period Exam


3rd Period Review & Lab: Muffins for Proctors

Mon. 6/11

4th Period Review (Teacher-made final exam)

3rd Period Exam

Tues. 6/12

4th Period Exam


Wed. 6/13 (Last Day for Students)

Review of Grades

Review of Grades

Thurs. 6/14



Fri. 6/15



Mon. 6/18



Tues. 6/19