Course Overview

Agricultural Education has three parts Classroom Instruction, SAE, And FFA. All of our Agricultural Education courses at Erwin are strong in all three areas to ensure that students are provided quality education, and a chance to experience success through learning activities.  Participation in FFA and having a strong SAE are very important in ensuring student success.
Classroom Instruction:  What is taught in the classroom.  For agricultural education the classroom is not confined to four walls.  We have access to approximately 15 acres of land lab, hay fields, crop land, woodlands, greenhouse, and various livestock barns, and equipment sheds.  Each class follows a recommended course of study, and applies what is learned through hands on learning activities.
FFA:  FFA is the national student organization for students enrolled in agricultural education.  FFA promotes leadership, personal growth, and career success in the lives of students.  FFA is part of the curriculum and students have a chance to be involved in chapter, regional, state, and national events.  Erwin has a very active FFA chapter with 200 members.  Members have a chance to compete in career development events, attend leadership conferences, participate in chapter activities, Attend FFA camp, and become leaders through serving as chapter officers.
SAE:  Supervised agricultural experience is a wide range of activities that students become involved in outside of the classroom that is related to agriculture, provides them with experience or new skills, and is supervised by the local agricultural education teacher.  Here at Erwin we have a wide range of SAE projects that students are working on, some examples are  beef cattle operations, landscaping, home improvement, working at local agribussinesses, greenhouse production, and wildlife management, scientific research,and shadowing local vets.