Parent News & Notes

Below are some constants for my classes. 

1.Please gain access to Power School. You can view grades and attendance weekly.
2. Please make sure I have good contact information for you. I prefer email.  
3. I hold students accountable for all make up work. They have 3 days to get it to me. 
4. Please tell your student to to put their cell phones in the caddy. I do not allow them out during my class. I take them up at the beginning of the class and give them back before they leave. Please help me enforce this. If students refuse to give up their cell phones, it becomes a referral to the office for insubordination.
5. Students only get 5 absences per class. If they go over, they have to make them up during Saturday school or after school attendance make up or get their days waived. It is the student's responsibility to keep up with their absences and get their days waived or made up. 
6. Students are required to be on time to class. The 1st and 2nd tardies are warnings, the 3rd tardy is a parent contact, and all others are referrals to administration.
7.  Warrior Period will be used to make up tests and as a study hall for students to get caught up on all missed work. Students can also use it to get tutoring for the class. 

American II  and AP US History classes have a Mini Syllabus for each unit that lets you know all the due dates and all daily assignments for the unit. These will be posted in lesson plans on the web page with a link on to google classroom and canvas.

For Virtual Learning Days-my Office hours are 9-11 am and 1-3 pm for communications from my students. Students can email me with questions, concerns, and issues.

Grades are being posted in Power School- If a student has an INC that means they have not completed the assignment and shared it with me. I have shared by assignments lesson plans. Please make sure your students are completing their assignments and sharing them with me. Stay safe.