American History II Syllabus

Course Title:  American History II


Grade Level:  11th Grade


Prerequisites: American History I


Course Description:  

American History Course II will guide students from the late nineteenth century time period through the early 21st century. Students will examine the political, economic, social and cultural development of the United States from the end of Reconstruction to present times. The essential standards of American History Course II will trace the change in the ethnic composition of American society; the movement toward equal rights for racial minorities and women; and the role of the United States as a major world power. An emphasis is placed on the expanding role of the federal government and federal courts as well as the continuing tension between the individual and the state. The desired outcome of this course is for students to develop an understanding of the cause and effect relationship between past and present events, recognize patterns of interactions, and understand the impact of events on the United States in an interconnected world.

Textbook: The Americans, Holt McDougal, 2012. We use an on-line version of the text. Students will go to .

Teaching Resources:
Textbooks, workbooks, NCDPI, AP Central, United Streaming, SAS Curriculum Pathways, audio recordings, music, primary sources, online resources, and Khan Academy.


Assessments (Formative, Benchmarks, Summative): Unit tests, quizzes, presentations, group projects, daily reviews, writing prompts, investigation and analysis of primary documents, answering essential questions, research, DBQs, Study Island, ClassScape, scavenger hunts, SAS Curriculum Pathways, and Khan Academy.




Unit 4-Migration and Industrialization, 1877-1914                                       15 days

(Chapters 13-16) pp. 406-506


Unit 5-Modern America Emerges, 1890-1920                                               13 days

(Chapters 17-19) pp. 510-613


Unit 6-The 1920s and the Great Depression, 1919-1940                               15 days

(Chapters 20-23) pp. 616-728


Unit 7-World War II and Its Aftermath, 1931-1960                                      15 days

(Chapters 24-27) pp.732-870


Unit 8-Living with Great Turmoil, 1954-1975                                               15 days

(Chapters 28-31) pp. 874-994


Unit 9-Passage to a New Century, 1968-Present                                            12 days

(Chapters 32-34) pp. 998-1122

Competency: AH2.H.1.1-4, AH2.H.2.1-2, AH2.H.3.1-4, AH2.H.4.1-4, AH2.H.5.1-2. AH2.H.6.1-1-2, AH2.H.7.1-3, AH2.H.8.1-4.


Concepts: Settlement patterns, immigration, culture, technology, assimilation, politics, individual rights/responsibilities, change, imperialism, rural/urban, human-environment, religion, scarcity, war, conflict, leadership, economic systems, domestic/foreign policies, and globalization.



  • Strive for Academic Excellence.
  • Show Respect for Others and Yourself.
  • Exhibit Appropriate Behavior.
  • Use Time Wisely.
  • Bring Proper Materials/Supplies to Class.
  • Be On Time.
  • Complete All Assignments.


Grading: Quarter grades are based on the point system. Quarter grades are 37.5% each and the NC Final Exam is 25% of the final grade.


Make up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to make up all tests and assignments. Each unit’s schedule and work is posted on my website. Students can check to see what they have missed and get into turned into me within 3 days. 


Tutoring: Students who need extra help can schedule tutoring before or after school.


Missing Class: Students are only allowed to go to the restroom at the end of the Social Studies hall. All other areas are considered being in an undesignated area and will result in a referral.


Teacher Expectations: I expect students to follow all directions and instructions, complete all assignments, and follow all directives. I firmly believe by following this plan of action my students will be successful in my class.


Parent Contact: The best way to reach me is by or through power school. I will post student grades weekly in power school and parents will be able to view all test grades, missing assignments, late work, and attendance.



Signature Form:

Students and parents need to sign the signature form and return it to me by September 1, 2017. ( 10 pts)



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