Germosen, Norma - Foreign Language

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Norma Germosen
Welcome to my Classroom

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 I was born in The Dominican. As soon I graduated from middle school, I moved to New York City. I went to High School and College in NYC, and I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science.  After college, I moved to Florida in 2002 where I went back to school to get a degree in Education k-3 and Spanish k-12. I taught Spanish for 10 years and Elementary School for 6 years. I moved to North Carolina because I love the weather, the diversity and the culture.  I am willing to help all my students at Erwin High School learn the Spanish language. I incorporate cultural activities so my students can appreciate and learn about the Spanish speaking countries through videos, presentations, and projects.  I also encourage my students to express themselves in Spanish talking about a current event and applying the grammar and vocabulary learned with activities they do on a daily basis.


Norma Germosen Staff Picture 2021