Lesson Plans

Visual Art: Beginning     
Students will be doing a lesson focused on Relief Sculpture.  The students will learn about symmetry, and how it is used in artistic composition.  They will complete a symmetrical drawing, then they will construct the drawing in a cardboard relief sculpture.  They will then papier-mache' the relief sculpture, and when that dries, they will apply acrylic paint.  A dry brush painting technique will be used to enhance the sculptural quality of the relief.  Then black tempera paint will be applied and subtracted to "antique" the piece of artwork 
The main components of this lesson are:
Painting Technique
Unit Grade

Visual Art: Proficient
Students will be working on creating a watercolor portrait.  This is not only a portrait study, but a watercolor application technique new to the students as well.  A portrait will be drawn in pencil, then using light colors, shadows and highlights are put into place.  When the paint dries, students will begin to layer the watercolor, and with each layer, they add more and more detail.  The painting will be complete when all layers and details are completed.

The main components of this lesson are:
Watercolor Application
Portrait Drawing
Unit Grade