Education Links

Kings College-Charlotte

Kings College in Charlotte is a school specifically designed to help students get their degree quicker than other schools. Students have a more structured schedule on a Monday-Friday basis. Representatives from Kings College come once a semseter to Erwin High School to teach a wide variety of lessons to our English courses. Teachers can choose lessons anywhere from how to write a research paper to a fun lesson on American Literature. There will also be a brief informational session about the college and students will learn not only about the school and the programs they offer, but also about the salary ranges and expected job outlook for a wide variety of careers.

Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College

AB Tech offers a wide variety of courses to local high school students who would like to get a jump on college courses. This is a cheap and easy alternative to paying full price for higher education. AB tech partners with the UNC system to ensure that students who plan to transfer to a state university will earn credits four year schools will honor. They also offer a wide variety of programs to help students get into a life long career in a short amount of time. Professors and support staff have also been willing in the past to assist with our graduation project interviews and to offer advice and assistance to students applying for college and financial aid.

University of North Carolina at Asheville

UNCA is a great resource for students and parents alike. Through a partnership with the University, students are able to complete graduation project interviews with local professionals, gain access to college materials, gain a better understanding of college life, and see themselves going to college, whether it is through this school or somewhere else. Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to the University for any of their needs in preparing for life after high school.