Course Overview

German I
German I concerns itself primarily with getting 'your feet wet' in terms of beginning German. One will become familiar with basic vocabulary and present and marginal past tense forms.
This particular course doesn't require a great deal of work, however, memorization tools such as flashcards, computer word banks, etc. are necessary.
German II
German II is considerably more 'cerebral' than its predecessor. German grammar is studied ad nauseam. The focus of this course is to understand the grammatical mechanisms and how they differ to the English grammar. Special emphasis on gender, pronouns, and adjectival endings require the lion's share of work for this course.
German III, IV
Both German III and IV focuses on verbal skills as opposed to an emphasis on grammar found in German II. Moreover, a beginning analysis of German culture and its relationship to America is approached. Finally, the question of who we are as Americans is raised. This topic is approached through comparative analyses with Germany and its customs.