Coupon Books 
September 3rd - 17th students will be allowed to sell coupon books which contain local coupons for restaurants, stores, automotive services, and much more! Books are $25 and students receive $12.50 for each book sold. Funds raised will help students to pay for choral expenses and field trips.

Yankee Candle
November 8th- 25th students will be selling from the Yankee Candle collection. This is a wonderful Christmas/Holiday gift opportunity as candles and other items featured in the catalog will be in before Winter Break!  Students that participate in this fundraiser will be able use their funds raised to help with choral expenses and field trips.

Candy Bars
January 21st-February 4th students can sell candy bars for $1. Candy bar boxes come with 60 bars. Students receive $30 for every box that is fully sold. Funds raised from selling candy bars will help students to pay for choral expenses and field trips.

Zaxby's Night
Once each semester, you can come out and eat at the Zaxby's located on New Leicester Hwy to help support the choral program! 10 % of all proceeds made between 5-8 PM will go directly to the Erwin chorus to help us continue to be able to purchase music, hire accompanists, and participate in various choral events.
Students who attend will receive extra credit!