General Information

Student Handbook - will be updated for next school year, to include bell schedules
Child Nutrition (including lunch menus)
Drivers Education
PTSO - coming soon
School Calendars

Activities and Clubs

Student Government
Hillcrest Yearbook
Army jROTC
Beta Club
Eco Club
FCCLA - Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
FFA - Future Farmers of America
GSA - Gay Straight Alliance

Grades and Attendance Information

Please visit our Curriculum Information page or your specific teacher's page for more specific information. Students are expected to attend class each day when they are healthy and otherwise able to. Teachers hold students to high standards of work and input grades into PowerSchool on a weekly basis. 

Who is my

School-Issued Laptop Information

All students are provided a school-issued laptop and charger. Laptops are distributed in the first week of school and collected during the week of second semester exams before summer. 

Students are responsible for:
  • turning in their laptops and chargers at the end of the school year or when they transfer out or withdraw from the school for any reason.
  • bringing their charged laptops to school every day.
  • taking care of their laptop and treating it with respect.
  • reporting a missing or stolen laptop to the library immediately.
  • asking for help from the help desk when a laptop is not working or broken.
  • restarting their laptops at least three times a week.
Students who fail to show responsibility for their laptop put themselves at risk of reduced laptops use (daily checkout) or permanent loss of laptop privileges.

Other Policies

Students who miss 20 days of school in a semester are subject to being put on a daily checkout until their attendance record is clean.

If you withdraw or transfer without returning a laptop and then re-enroll at a later date, you will be expected to return the old laptop. You will not be re-issued a laptop until the old one is returned and a 30 day daily checkout wait period has gone well, with the laptop being returned each day before the student leaves campus.

Laptop Issues