Mrs. Wooten's English II Supply List

Dear Parents and Students,

The following supply list is for all of Mrs. Wooten's English II classes. Please come prepared on the first day of class with the following:

1. Composition Notebook or spiral notebook
2. Variety pack of highlighters (orange, yellow and pink)
3. Pencils
4. Box of tissues
5. Glue sticks
6. Items to decorate your notebook such as pictures, stickers, etc.

Optional Supplies: 
1. Art supplies (colored pencils, markers, etc)
2. Pens

Appreciated Supplies:
1. Hand sanitizer
2. Band-aids
3. Clorox wipes
4. Bags of individually-wrapped candy
5. Additional boxes of tissues

HONORS STUDENTS ONLY: You are required to come on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS with your summer reading project. You lose a letter grade every day it is late; this project is weighted and counts as two test grades. Late projects will not be accepted after the first week of school.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.