AP US History-Summer Reading Assignment

2019-AP US History Summer Assignment

You will need to get a copy of the 2007 version of James Loewen’s, Lies My Teacher told Me. Check with your local library first, check the internet for free access, or Amazon.com or Barnes and Nobles.com. This book examines why high school U.S. History textbooks often leave out “certain” information...information that would be seen as controversial by many Americans regardless that it is the truth. The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to a different way of looking at American History.

Reading Assignment

Lies My Teacher Told Me Book Cover

Writing Assignment

For each chapter:

  1. Summarize Loewen’s point of view explaining his themes.

  2. Give examples of the myths and the truths Loewen uses in his explanations.

  3. Compare your knowledge of the topics with Loewen’s truths.

  4. Create two discussion questions about each chapter.

Some Final Words of Advice:

  1. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Explore history.

  3. Read.

  4. Write.

  5. Become an informed citizen.

  6. Learn your geography.

  7. Watch history movies!

  8. Memorize the Presidents and their major accomplishments.

  9. Explore your family history.

  10. Think like  Pirates! Always approach history from the Political, Intellectual, Religious, Artistic, Technological, Economic and Social aspects of an event.