Lesson Plans

Visual Art: Beginning     
Students will be doing a lesson focused on Color Theory and Line.  The students will be doing an advanced color wheel.  The paper will be split up into multiple shapes using overlapping lines created from the 3 types of lines: straight, curvy, and zigzag. 
Students will then be choosing a focal point, which is a resting place for the eye.  This will be painted in a way that stands out from the surrounding colors.  The color theory will begin and continue with the following color theories:  Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Intermediate Colors, Grey Scale, Shades and Tints, Complementary Colors.  These  will be painted using opaque tempera paint.  The lines that they drew will be outlined and modulated to add interest to the piece of artwork.
The main components of this lesson are:
Painting Technique
Line Modulation
Focal Point
Unit Grade

Visual Art:  Intermediate
Students will be doing a lesson focused on the Principles of Design.  Students will be creating a collage using construction paper.  They will be black, white, and a contrasting color.  They are required to do papercutting, paper overlapping, Each of these techniques must be used.  Students must make sure that their artwork is balanced and makes the strongest visual statement.
 The main components of this lesson are:
Paper Techniques
Unit Grade

Visual Art: Advanced
Students will be doing a lesson on Art Brut.  Art Brut or Outsider Art is art that is usually created by artist that have not been formally trained, yet are being recognized as a valid artist in the art world.  Art Brut is considered to be "Raw" art.  Sometimes it has a "childlike" quality, but it can also be very expressive to political and global issues that arise.  The artwork will be created using multiple medias and multiple media application is of the utmost important.  

The main components of this lesson are:
Media application
Creativity of Imagery
Unit Grade