Foods & Nutrition II

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Foods II  Exam Review Games:

Obj. 1.01 Lean Canvas Model  

Obj. 2.01 Nutrition Terms 

Obj. 2.02 Pregnancy and Lactation 

Obj. 2.03 Special Nutritional Needs

Obj. 2.04 Sports Nutrition

Obj. 3.02 Vegetarian Diets and Global Cuisine

Obj. 4.01 Modifying Recipes 

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    FALL  Apple Cider made with the agriculture education classes: "Farm to Fork"

    Foods & Nutrition Advanced

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      ServSafe Certified!!

      For Immediate Release November 19, 2012

      Foods II Students Receive National Certification


      Eleven Clyde A. Erwin High School students from Mrs. Lacey Davis’s Foods II Enterprise Class passed the rigorous ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification.  The students studied the ServSafe curriculum during the first nine-week grading period and took their exams on October 29th. Foods II students David Bourne, Diana But Gusaim, Gina Cantero, Diana Case, Taylor Hensley, Brandie Hunnicutt, Austin Randall, Natalie Rhew, Sammy Robles, Brittany Smith, Jackson Watkins each scored higher than the minimum requirement of 75% on the exam


      ServSafe is a national certification that is used in the foodservice industry, and a foodservice operation is required by law to have at least one ServSafe certified employee. The ServSafe certificate is the highest standard for food safety and granted by the American National Standards Institute and Conference for Food Protection.. The students’ certificates are valid through 2017. 

      Mrs. Davis was pleased with the class’ certification saying, “By passing this exam students are more marketable for a job and for many it will mean college credits in a hospitality or culinary arts program.” These seniors will be using their certification for their next big step after graduation.