Prom Attendants/Guest Information

All Juniors and Seniors at Erwin High school are eligible to attend prom. They must be in good standing, which means they cannot owe the school money (cafeteria fines, library fines, stop cards, athletic fees, etc.), they cannot owe time (no FFs in classes this year), and they cannot be suspended (OSS) during this school year. 

Juniors and seniors that are considered in good standing by meeting the criteria above are allowed to bring one guest. The guest can be an underclassman at Erwin, a student from another high school/homeschool program, or can be a graduate/college student. All prom attendants must be under 21 years old on the date of prom. 

ALL students attending prom need a signed dress code contract on file before purchasing a ticket. 

All Erwin students need a checklist verifying they don't owe time or money and haven't been suspended this year on file with Ms. Moses. These are available on both prom bulletin boards. 

If you need a guest approval form, copies are available on the prom bulletin board on the third floor above the media center and on the bulletin board at the right stairwell between the cafeteria and CTE lobby and links are below. Please be sure to include a copy of the guest's photo ID or birth certificate for a background check when you turn in the guest form to Ms. Moses! 

Underclassman student at Erwin guest form

Student at other high schools guest form

College / employed guest (graduated high school) guest form

Homeschooled student guest form

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. Moses at Thank you!