ECM Helpful Links

Here is a collection of links to videos, tutorials, practice sites, etc. to help you understand the concepts we're covering this semester. Please email me or text me on Remind if you have any further questions! 

Bonus/Introductory Unit: Non-calculator work 

Unit 1: Expressions

  • Working with place value video
  • Write expressions from context video
  • Simplify expressions video

Unit 2: Equations / Inequalities

  • Model equation from context video
  • Solve quadratic equations by factoring video
  • Solve radical equations video 
  • Solve inverse variation equations video
  • Solve literal (multivariable) equations video

Unit 3: Measuring / converting units of measure to solve problems

  • Converting between units of measure video
  • Working with the metric system video

Unit 4: Complete calculations for shapes

Unit 5: Linear equations and inequalities

Unit 6: Systems of linear equations and inequalities
  • Solve by graphing video
  • Solve by elimination video
  • Solve by substitution video
  • Solve system of inequalities video