Moffett, Bethany - EC

Image of Bethany Moffett

Bethany Moffett
EC Teacher
English Inclusion/ OCS English

My name is Bethany Moffett. I am an Exceptional Children (EC) teacher at Erwin. I moved from Pennsylvania to Asheville in 2015 and I am loving living in the mountains! Here at Erwin, I am an Inclusion teacher in the English I classrooms and I teach OCS English. Below you will find my schedule for the Fall Semester:

Block 1: English I; Ms. Fender
Block 2: OCS English IV Room 2214
Block 3:Planning
Block 4: English I; Ms. Fender/ Mrs. Carpenter

Below you will find the link for lessons plans for the OCS English IV class!

Block 2: OCS English IV;  Lesson Plans

Thank you for coming to web  page! If you have any questions or concerns please call the school 232-4251 or email me!