Weekly Lesson Plans

   Parenting & Child Development Interior Design I
 8/19 Welcome!
Course Syllabus/Classroom expectations
Syllabus Quiz
Ice Breakers
Course Syllabus/classroom expectations
Syllabus Quiz
Ice Breakers
 8/20  Pre-test

 8/21  Distribution of 1.00 assignments
1.01 vocab (quiz next  Wed.)
PPT & Projejct:  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

 Bell Ringer:  Number interactive notebook pages
1.01 PPT:  Defining the Profession
Interior Design Professional Organizations Graphic Organizer
 8/22 Complete Project: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs  Bell Ringer:  Career Dev. w.s.
Use online occupational handbook to complete 2 careers related to housing and interiors (color, cut, and paste in notebook)
Pair and share
Newsella:  Dream Job - Designer (quiz as time allows)
 8/23 Bell Ringer:  Healthy Pregnancy and Goal          Setting
Parenting responsibilities and rewards(class discussion)
Exit Ticket:  Parent Readiness Light bulbs
Bell Ringer:  Study professional organizations flash cards
PPT:  1.01 Types of Homes (Part I:  Residential)
Color, cut and paste types of housing and design 
Complete careers graphic organizer from yesterday)


Journal Entry: Pros & Challenges of Parenting

PPT (Part I): Family Types & Stages of the Family Life Cycle (with guided notes chart on family types)

Bell Ringer:  Vocab
Review of types of housing 
PPT:  Commercial Design
Commercial Design terms- matching
Project:  Google doc


Bell Ringers:
Journal: Family Types & Structure
Review vocab (quiz Wed.)

1.01 PPT (Part II): review of family types & stages, discuss variations to the family life cycle

Mobile Families Project

 1.01 Design Process- make a pocket in interactive notebook for notes.
The Design Process Graphic Organizer- color each step as we discuss in PPT)
Phases of the Design Process w.s.


Bell Ringer:  1.01 vocab quiz (list #1)

Mobile Families Project

 Bell Ringer: Draw Venn Diagram in notebook and compare and contrast creativity & innovation
Design Thinking PPT
Innovative Solutions Case Study
TED video: Systematic Design
Design thinking graphic organizer (in notebook)


Effects on Mother & Baby PPT (with graphic organizer)


Exit Ticket: Opinions About Family Structures



 Bell Ringer:  Vocab
Continuation of Design Thinking PPT
Gallery Walk:  Types of Housing
Schoolnet 1.01 quiz




Challenges of Parenting text sheet


The Importance of Fathers


Study for 1.00 Test

1.02 Design Thinking Workshop
1.02 School net quiz

 9/3 Bell Ringer: Vocab list #2
Journal: Potential dangers 
1.02 PPT:  Teen Sexuality
Index Card activity
1.02 PPT: Facts & Myths of STDs
Kahoot Review: STDs
 1.03 PPT Why We Have Housing (with graphic organizer)
PPT:  Factors that impact interior design

Family Types and stages of the family life cycle (include in interactive notebook) graphic organizer9/4
9/4 Bell Ringer: 1.03 vocab list 3  (quiz Thurs.)
STD PSA Project: Directions, Rubric, and time to work
 List and define 1.03 terms in notebook
Review Design Thinking 
Pair and share
Review Maslow's Hierarchy and factors that impact design
1.01 review (Kahoot)
 9/5 Bell Ringer:  Vocab List 3 (quiz Fri.)
Review rubric guidelines for STD PSA project
Time to work on project
 1.03 vocab (quiz Thurs.)
PPT:  The Design Process with handout for note taking
Review the Anatomy of an interior design agreement
Complete Going Green Project
 9/6 Bell Ringer:  Vocab (quiz Fri.)
1.00 Test review (Kahoot) test Thurs.
STD PSA complete and video
 PPT Design Styles (with notes handout)
Begin Style book project: directions, rubric, time to work - complete in google slides
 9/7  1.00 Test Review
STD PSA presentations
 Complete and print style book 
 9/8  Turn in 1.00 assignments
1.00 Test
2.00 vocab word search
test corrections as needed
 Complete Style book
 9/9   Bubble diagrams complete steps for housing using design process
Begin Mood Board
 9/10   1.00 Test Review (kahoot review of 1.01 & 1.02) 
Complete Mood Board