OCS Civics

Course Overview 
Focus: Provides a framework for understanding the basic tenets of American democracy, practices of American government as established by the United States Constitution, basic concepts of American politics and citizenship. 

Time Period: From the American Revolution to Present

This course is designed to align with the Civics standards for North Carolina. This will be a modified curriculum in order to meet students' unique learning needs. We will use interactive notebooks to take notes, create foldables, work on vocabulary, create timelines, and other activities. Students' classroom grade is based primarily on completion of the assignments in the notebooks. Students will also complete unit quizzes, projects, and other assignments throughout the semester. Please use the Parent Portal on Power School to monitor missing assignments, attendance, and grades.

Topics that will be covered this semester include:

Unit 1: Principles of American Democracy
Unit 2: Federalism
Unit 3: Influence in Government
Unit 4: Citizenship
Unit 5: The Law & You

Course Syllabus

Google Classroom 
Course assignments will be assigned through Google Classroom. Students have access to Google Classroom through their IAM (ncedcloud) account. Students can use their school provided devices or cell phones to access their account. 
1. Click here to access their IAM account. 
2. Once logged in, click on the "g" (Google Tile). Students will then be logged into their school Google account. 
3. Click on the "waffle" (tiles in the top right-hand corner) to access the Google apps.
4. Click on the Blackboard which represents Google Classroom. 
5. All class assignments can be accessed by navigating the toolbar on the left side of the screen. 

Students will learn how to access and navigate Google Classroom during class, but it can be accessed at any time. If a student is absent, they should check my lesson plans (also posted to Google Classroom) to access any materials assigned for that day's lesson.