Voznyuk, Anita - English

Greetings parents and students!
Anita Voznyuk

My Meet the Teacher Presentation

My name is Anita Voznyuk and I am thrilled to be at Erwin High School. I am a proud Erwin High alumni and excited to be in this community that has done so much to shape and enhance my life.

I graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN where I majored in English and continued there at the Helen DeVos College of Education to receive a Masters in Education the following year. 

Currently I am teaching English 1 which is a survey of various genres giving students the opportunity to realize the vastness of English Language Arts as an academic discipline and prepares them for success in future English classes as well as other subjects. I hope to instill a mindset of PRIDE toward this school in my students who will call Erwin their home for the next four years. I believe in the possibilities for every student who is willing to put forth just a little bit of effort in order to achieve excellence. 

Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns!


Ms. Anita Voznyuk