Nursing Fundamentals

Welcome to Nursing Fundamentals Honors :

Parents you should be so proud of your child's journey to this outstanding place in their lives! They have worked so hard to get here and now we are striving to take on new challenges, schedules and coming out of our comfort zone. Your child will start to see the importance of prioritizing, delegating and initiating a positive & unselfish approach to putting others well being into the highest regard. I look forward to this journey and feel honored to get to instruct your child and open up the wonderful opportunities of the health field. Please feel free to contact me regarding clinical, grades, the State testing process, or any concerns. We will be busy and on the road a lot observing as well as demonstrating the skills needed to obtain Nurse Aide-1 certification.
See attached files to ensure your child qualifies and has applied for the upper level course Nursing Fundamentals as well as received the proper immunizations and credentials needed to take the class.

Nursing Fundamentals Documentation:

NF Final Health Sciences Application Process Guidelines-9-17-2016.pdf

NF Final Clinical Application.pdf

NF Final Nursing Clinical Class Contract 9-17-2016.pdf

NF Final Nurse Class Cell Phone Contract 9-17-2016.pdf

NF Final Transportation form 9-17-2016.pdf

Pre Nursing Fundamentals information A.pdf