By-Laws and Nominations


Section 1: Purpose
The purpose of the Clyde A. Erwin High School Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor, and provide an enduring memorial for those persons whose outstanding contributions have enriched the athletic program and brought honor to the school. The recognition of past individuals and their significant contributions to Erwin High School Athletics will serve to provide models for future generations to emulate.
Section 2: Selection Committee
The selection committee will be composed of 5 members appointed by the Erwin High School Athletic Director and Administration. The selection committee shall consist of:
     A. Erwin High School Athletic Director
     B. Erwin High School Booster Club President or his designee
     C. One current Erwin High School coach
     D. Two at-large members who live in the Erwin district or are past graduates 
Section 3: Categories of Inductees
Potential inductees shall be nominated from one or a combination of the following categories:
     A. Any Erwin High graduate who received a varsity letter from the Athletic Department in a sport sanctioned by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association
     B. Any Erwin High Varsity Head Coach with a minimum of seven years as a Head Coach in a Varsity sport(s) at Erwin High.
     C. Any individual who has made significant contributions to the Erwin High School Athletic Program.
Section 4: Eligibility Timetable
There will be a five year period after a person graduates before he/she can be nominated for the Hall of Fame. There will be a three year period following a coach's last coaching assignment at Erwin before he/she can be nominated for the Hall of Fame.
Section 5: Nomination Process
Any resident of the Erwin School District or graduate of Erwin High School who are over the age of twenty-five may recommend any eligible individual for consideration as a nominee. Each nomination should be submitted on a nomination form provided by Erwin High School. Upon recommendation to the selection committee, each nominee will be placed on a list of candidates to be reviewed and maintained by the selection committee. All nominations must be submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee by April 1st of each year.
Nomination Forms
Section 6: List of Candidates
The list of candidates shall contain the names of all individuals who have been nominated and who remain eligible for consideration as a nominee by the selection committee. A nominee shall remain eligible and on the List of Candidates indefinitely.
Section 7: Selection Process
During the month of April the Athletic Director of Erwin High School, shall call a meeting of the Selection Committee to review individuals from the list of candidates and to discuss and select inductees for the Hall of Fame
Section 8: Number of Annual Inductees
There shall be no minimum number of inductees in any one year. There shall be a maximum of five (5) inductees in any one year except for the inaugural class which may exceed this number.
Section 9: Induction of Individuals
Individuals approved by the selection committee shall be inducted in the Erwin High School Athletic Hall of Fame and recognized at an appropriate ceremony. A plaque recognizing inductees will be displayed in an area designated by the Erwin High School Hall of Fame Committte.
Section 10: Modification of Rules
Amendments and modifications to these rules may be made by an affirmative vote of no less than three of the five members of the selection committee.
Section 11: Maintenance of Records
All records of the Athletic Hall of Fame will be maintained by the Erwin High School Athletic Director or other designee of the Erwin High School Principal.